Your Inputs are Your Guests’ Outputs…

Ensuring that problem issues, never arise When an issue arises, whether it be on a casino floor, in a restaurant, or during a security breach, your natural instinct is to diagnose the situation and mitigate the problem as quickly as you can. We simply, react, trying to figure out “How did this happen?”, “What could […]

TG&H On Air – Raving Partners

Chris Faria: Hey everyone, it’s Chris Faria here from Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Magazine. Welcome to another special edition of T G & H on Air. We are speaking with Mason and Jeff Gray, Raving’s business optimization team. Welcome Jeff and Mason. Mason Gray: Hello. Hello. How’s everybody doing? Nice to be here. Chris Faria: […]

Tribal Leadership Embraces Strategies for Operational Excellence

How to generate bottom-line benefits in a very short timeframe Many major gaming and hospitality organizations have been utilizing Strategic Lean Operations Management with great success. Starwood Resorts was the first in the industry to launch their Global Lean Operations Management, but leaders from Harrah’s Casinos, Caesars Entertainment, MGM Grand, and more, have demonstrated the […]

It’s My Jackpot and I Want It Now!

Reducing guest wait time for jackpot payouts: A riddle the industry has struggled with for years Lines at the players club. Lines for the buffet. Players waiting for jackpot payouts … all things guests endure, but don’t particularly appreciate. In terms of the first two, most casinos have figured out clever ways to keep players […]

Business Improvement Specialists Show You How The “Cost Of Poor Quality” Can Become Your Biggest Opportunity to Make Money on Your Casino Floor

Jeff & Mason, we’re back to some casinos canceling concerts and changing some group events. At the National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow this past July, I don’t know how many casino execs told me that they have not been able to open up to full capacity, especially in regards to their restaurants. Those of us […]

The Roadmap to Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Lean Operations Management

Is there a step-by-step roadmap to follow for the successful implementation and sustainment of Lean Operations Management within the Tribal gaming and hospitality industry? The answer is an astounding YES! Lean Operations Management is not a new concept for the gaming and hospitality industry. Harrah’s Entertainment, Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International and Starwood Hotels and […]

How to Revise and Revolutionize Tribal Gaming and Hospitality

Introduction to Lean Operations Management Lean Operations Management originated in Japan at Toyota and is a methodology that has been embraced by industries since the 1940s. Lean has transformed organizations from gaming and hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, technology and many more, while becoming the way of doing business. No matter the size of the organization […]

How Was Your Stay?

Evaluating the Guest Journey Today we are going to explore and discuss some fundamental processes and interactions of a casino/property that guests rely on for a grand experience, thus, them being able to answer the posed question, “How was your stay?” in a positive light. You have the latest technology, the hottest game, the best […]

Welcome To Lean Revisions

[00:00:08] I got introduced to Lean Six Sigma when I was about 15 years old, when my father and his business partner started doing some White Belt videos online, which is a level of lean Six Sigma, the first level lean Six Sigma, I got introduced by doing content editing. They were making some videos […]

What Is the Value of Lean Six Sigma?

Mason: The value of Lean Six Sigma is truly in the benefit of Lean and Six Sigma. Lean is all about reducing waste in your processes where a Six Sigma is all about reducing variation. So, you really get the benefit by applying it and understanding it. A cool example about lean is, say you […]